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Open Source Deep Fried Turkey Video

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Here is another experiment with video editing software. I purchased Camtasia Studio to do some video recording and editing for work. It works fantastic for capturing actions on the computer screen and for editing most regular video types (example here). However, I quickly discovered that it doesn’t recognize .3gp files (a la my Android camera). I found that I needed to convert the files from my phone to .avi or .wmv to get them into Camtasia. Well, that’s a bummer. So, I decided to experiment with a different editor. Because my laptop is running Ubuntu Linux, I tried an open source alternative to Camtasia called Openshot Video Editor. Great choice! Although it does lack many of the features of Camtasia and some of the special effects are a bit clunky to maneuver, I found it to be quite user friendly and let’s face it, you can’t beat the price! Plus, it had no trouble dealing with .3gp files. This has proven to be a great time saver and for my general video editing needs, I will likely use Openshot as my primary platform.

My inaugural project was a deep fried Turkey video:

Special thanks to Brett Juilly for the great background music! (

Written by Jon Sooy

December 28th, 2011 at 9:44 am